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Dynamics Credentialed Professional Standard Renewal Policy 

Dec 18, 2018 11:30 AM


Dynamics Credentialed Professional Standard Renewal Policy

Each credential issued by GPUG’s Credentialing Council has a term of two years.  Those experts that have earned their Dynamics Credentialed Professional (DCP) mark are able to renew and demonstrate their continued proficiency with Microsoft Dynamics GP by passing the latest credentialing exams.  Content continues to be revise and updated to encompass the most current technologies and features of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Once a passing score on the latest exam has been achieved the credential is renewed for a term of 2 years. 

Advanced Credentialed Professionals, DCP’s that have earned more than one Dynamics Credentialed Professional mark, are able to renew ALL of their current credentials by earning a passing score on any one of the latest exams.  Once a passing score has been earned, all of their current credentials will be renewed for a period of 2 years on the award date.



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