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GP Tips and Tricks from 2018 Amplify/Summit: Presented at Aug 2018 NW Regional Meeting

Here is a slide deck created by Abra Gilman, from Collins Computing. It has screen prints and content for GP Tips and Tricks (using GP 2018 screens). Tips and Slide Content include: Custom Links in GP (for images, tracking websites, vendor links); Adding windows to startup screen...


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GPUG Amplify 2018 Opening Session & Keynote Recap

Tuesday morning the third annual GPUG Amplify conference kicked off with a great opening session. 325 Microsoft Dynamics GP users, leaders and partners were in attendance. The session was hosted by Bob McAdam, GPUG General Manager, and featured Theresa Nistler, Senior Program Manager for the...

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GPUG Community Spells Out the Value of GPUG Amplify

Together the Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG) community has created an acrostic, a form of writing where the first letter of each line spells out a word or message. Over the past couple of months community volunteers have been posting in the Open Forum regarding one benefit of the GPUG Amplify...

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GPUG Amplify: Benefits That Go Much Deeper Than Pizza

GPUG Amplify is THE spring conference for Microsoft Dynamics® GP users to attend. Held March 20-21 in downtown Chicago, GPUG Amplify is also work and home friendly - in Monday night and home by Wednesday night. Register today! GPUG Amplify is your spring conference to : Interact...

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Register for GPUG Amplify Now for Direct Access to Microsoft

What are your organization’s business objectives tied to Microsoft Dynamics® GP? Like 93% of last years’ GPUG Amplify survey respondents who said their objectives for attending the conference were met, you too will find value in the educational and intimate networking opportunities at ...

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Chicago, IL | Your Destination this March for GPUG Amplify (And Other Fun!)

Chicago, IL | Your Destination this March for GPUG Amplify (And Other Fun!) Welcome to Chicago, Illinois, a dynamic and thriving business community! On behalf of GPUG I’m thrilled to welcome all of you to the “Windy City” for GPUG Amplify 2018. With a vast list of award-winning restaurants...