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How well do you know GP?

So, you’ve been using Dynamics GP for a while now. Or maybe you're a GP Partner and you've installed GP more times than you can count. You feel like you’ve got a good handle on it. You think your company and peers feel like you’ve got it figured out. But, you’re not really sure. You’re not sure...

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Upcoming GPUG Academy Power BI Bootcamps!

Join us for an upcoming Power BI Bootcamp designed to get students up to speed on building and deploying custom analytics and reporting solutions using Microsoft’s rapidly evolving Power BI platform. Whether you are a Business User, Data Professional or Software Developer, we have a workshop...

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Learn how to do HR Reporting this Thursday!

Hello HRP Customers! It's not too late to sign up for my class, "HR Reporting with Smartlists & Standard HR Reports"! It's this Thursday from 10:45-3:00 Central Time. We had a very productive and FUN class at Summit in Tampa last month and I hope that this Thursday's class will be the...

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Richard Whaley Academy Award Winner Announced at GPUG Summit 2016

Together GPUG Director Bob McAdam and Betsey Whaley presented the Richard Whaley Academy Award to Rhonda Runde , CPA, CGMA at this year’s GPUG Summit conference. Richard Whaley was an author and publisher, long time GPUG Member, GPUG All Star, and well respected Academy instructor,...

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Stats and Facts - Microsoft Dynamics GP in the UAE Market!

A question that I always wanted an answer is when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics ERP is, “ How many UAE based companies are using Microsoft Dynamics GP?” Before we jump into the question of UAE based, let's take a look at a wider demographic numbers, so basically “ How many...

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The MSX Group Thanks You for the GPUG ALL STAR Nominations

The MSX Group had three team members nominated this year for GPUG ALL STARS: Derek Krebs, Nick Sercer and Noah Moseley. This is truly a great honor for us three and the rest of our Team at MSX. We have had an amazing time working with Dynamic Communities through the years and are very proud to...

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