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June 2020 West Coast Combined GPUG Virtual Meeting Recording

Watch the 2 hour virtual meeting that took place on June 17 th with attendees from across the entire West Coast. With over 50 users from San Diego, Orange Country, Los Angeles, Northern California and Portland GP communities. Details include: GPUG Community News/Events:...

GPUG West Coast June 17 2020 Meeting.mp4

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GPUG All-Star Series - Engage in your GPUG Community (June 2020)

Presented by @Bert Green Presented by @David Musgrave Presented by @Jo deRuiter ​​​ Are you utilizing all the GPUG Member Resources available to you? If you answered no, or you’re not sure – then this webinar is for you! Join GPUG All-Stars Jo deRuiter, Bert Green, and David Musgrave as...

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Learn Smart Tactics for Cyber Security

Register for our no-charge webinar series to learn how to protect yourself from being a a target of cyber threats! With over 164.68 million sensitive records exposed in 2019, there has never been a greater need for cyber security training. There are news stories published almost daily about...