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Drive, Fly, or Train - Get to Focus 2018

Business Intelligence (BI) is more than a buzz-word. It provides the intelligence you need to make informed business decisions. By now you've heard of Focus 2018. Did you realize that by attending you will grow professionally, network with other Power BI users, experts, and Microsoft team...

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‘Build Your Own’ Focus Conference: Customized Power BI Training

We all have unique needs when it comes to our jobs. It can be difficult to find ways to customize your education, but Focus, held May 21-24, 2018 in Indianapolis, provides just that! Focus does things a little differently than our traditional conferences - It is split up into four, two-day...

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Focus 2018 schedule now available! Register today for access to 25+ deep-dive sessions

A challenge for many companies is understanding your business data and how you can use Power BI to transform, analyze, and visualize this data. Over the last several months the Focus Programming Committee has worked diligently to determine the most relevant and useful session topics for Power...

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A gold medal value: Save $100 on your Focus registration

Ready to train like an Olympian? Nevermind the ice skates and bobsleighs, we're thinking of a different kind of training.... Power BI training! Focus, held May 21-22, 2018 in Indianapolis, IN, features deep-dive learning focused on Power BI. Each 90-minute session is taught by a technical...