GP Sandbox

Ready to roll up your sleeves & dig in to the latest Dynamics GP code-base? Complete the short form on the right to receive a one day pass to the demonstration environment.

The GP Sandbox provides GPUG Members a cloud-based site to test drive Dynamics GP, and try out modules and features they're looking to use. For those already using the latest version, the GP Sandbox is a great place to try new configurations - without affecting their company's data.

Your access will expire at midnight (Eastern Time; UTC -4), but you're welcome to return and request a new day pass any day.

The GP Sandbox has a limited number of concurrent licenses. Depending on volume during a given day, you may receive a message indicating the Sandbox has reached it's capacity, in which case you'll be asked to try again the following day. GPUG will monitor demand and invest in additional concurrent licenses depending on interest. The GP Sandbox should be accessed using Internet Explorer. 

The GP Sandbox is available to paid GPUG Members only. If you already have a Profile on the GPUG site and want to become a full member, click on the Upgrade to Membership button in the upper right of the site.

Please email with any questions.

 The GP Sandbox is available exclusively to User Group members.

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