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Topic: A rootin'-tootin', good timin' Cowgirl!

1.  A rootin'-tootin', good timin' Cowgirl!

Posted 11 days ago
Edited by Delaney Freer 11 days ago
This year Dynamic Communities commissioned vibrant artwork for GPUG Summit Nashville from digital artist Punchgut. This artwork is inspired not by Dynamics (the software), but by YOU - the dynamic community of users and partners who bring the intention of this tool to life. We are releasing a new element from this one-of-a-kind, energetic piece every month. Did you miss last month's boot feature? 

In this third sneak peek of Matt's colorful creation, we are excited to introduce: The Cowgirl! Cowgirl_with_Summit_Belt_Buckle.png

With bouffant hair that would make Dolly Parton proud, this gal knows what real facetime is all about. With her star-studded denim and her favorite bandana, she's geared up for especially good conversation and some real-time novelty networking.

So whether you're the quiet observer, or the free-moving mingler, get ready to connect with peers both new and old, and get those burning questions answered at GPUG Summit. Click here to browse some of the networking opportunities available in Nashville.

At Dynamic Communities, we love and thrive off bringing this community together. Our goal is to make your conference experience one to remember and, like we said, we wanted to try to create a piece of art work that would embody all of this, and by golly, we think we nailed it!

Stay tuned... any guesses on next month's artwork reveal?

Delaney Freer
Event Marketing Manager
Dynamic Communities
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