Summit 2017 Places To See!

​Hello Y'all !!!
Everyone in Nashville, TN is excited about you being here in October for Summit 2017 and I hear that some people had not seen this previous post.

We are so excited about everyone coming to Nashville and seeing things and places that you have probably only heard about, or seen on television or in movies. There are plenty of hotels available and plenty of places for your family to visit.

Here are some websites that you should visit to see exciting places to visit while you are here.

Here are some places to have some fun.         Close to Opryland Hotel      Close to Opryland Hotel   Close to Opryland Hotel     Highly recommended by world traveler!

We will be adding more of these before Summit 2017 and we just wanted you to have some to start with while planning your stay here in Nashville.

See you in Nashville!

Steve Burney