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Microsoft Tools: Using Dexterity, the tool behind Microsoft Dynamics GP

Feb 11, 2016


Abstract: Since 1994, MVP and GPUG All-Star David Musgrave has been pushing the limits of what is possible with…

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SQL 101: Beginning SQL for Analysts

Mar 17, 2018


This is the first in a four-part webinar series targeting SQL. If you are an analyst learning how to query in Microsoft...

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Creating a Seamless Communication Experience with Your Customers and Employees (Sept 2020)

Presented by: @Julissa Gonzalez ​and @Luke Kanaan ​ It is important for companies to streamline operations and provide a real-time connection between employees and customers. One of the biggest pains faced by many service and installation companies is inadequate methods of communication....

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Optimize Your Dynamics GP Investment with Nolan Business Solutions Dynamics GP Add ons (Sept 2020)

Presented by: @Carole D'Arcy ​ In this session, we will explore how Nolan Business Solutions Dynamics GP Add ons extend the power of Dynamics GP and help further streamline accounting tasks such as Intercompany Accounting, Bank Reconciliation and Electronic Payments. Our simple and easy to...

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Collections Management & Company Data Archive by Professional Advantage (Sept 2020)

Presented by @Griffin Swanson Collections Management: Improve cash flow, streamline your processes, and reduce bad debt with Collections Management. Professional Advantage's Collections Management allows you to dramatically reduce the time spent collecting from your customers. It makes it...

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The Better Way to Manage Multiple Companies in Microsoft Dynamics ERPs (Sept 2020)

Presented by: @Don Ramsay Discover the advantages of managing multiple companies within a single ERP environment. See how Multi-Entity Management can streamline intercompany transactions, consolidated reporting, and user security management. Easily take your data from unknown to actionable. ...

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20 REASONS to KEEP GP (August 2020)

Presented by @Michael Hollingsworth Why Centerprism is THE BEST solution for GP users who want to keep their GP investment and avoid the pain and cost of replacing it. Centerprism for GP is a low cost, fully integrated software overlay for GP dedicated to reducing ERP complexities for small...

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4 Game Changing Technologies to Grow and Scale Your Business (August 2020)

Presented by @Jack Clarke Presented by @Rhonda Greene Emerging technologies are shaping the future of work in terms of both people and processes. With the efficiency and productivity technology brings, companies are able to redefine roles and free employees up to focus on more strategic...

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Manage Subscriptions Effortlessly Within Microsoft Dynamics (July 2020)

Presented by @Neil MacDonald Discover the advantages of automating your subscription processes directly within Microsoft Dynamics ERPs. See how Subscription Billing Suite enables organizations to flexibly manage pricing, billing, and recognition parameters at the line-item level. Easily take...

Managing Subscriptions Binary Stream.mp4

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Financial Reporting and Budgeting Using Prospero by MSX Group (July 2020)

Presented by @Noah Moseley Presented by @Nick Sercer Presented by @Derek Krebs Financial reporting and budgeting are integral parts of your organization’s operations. MSX Group has developed Prospero® as an all-in-one software solution for both. Join us to see how Prospero allows you...

2020-07-14 11.01 Financial Reporting and Budgeting Using Prospero by MSX Group.mp4

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Security Admin and Financial Controls Made Easy With Fastpath Assure (June 2020)

Presented by @Alex Meyer Presented by @Frank Vukovits Fastpath Assure allows you to: Design and implement D365FO Security; Manage Segregation of Duties; Track and report on changes with our audit trail; Track and report on changes with our audit trail; Provision users with a workflow...

Security Admin and Financial Controls Made Easy With Fastpath Assure 6.2020.mp4

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Quick and Easy Forecasting with Dynamic Budgets (June 2020)

Presented by @Zubin Gidwani Presented by @Liz Jorgensen Presented by @Cindy Tsang Presented by @Shelly Memberto Presented by @Julia L Bingham Presented by @Ross Hollander We’ll start with a brief introduction and then jump right into a live Q&A with existing customers who can...

Quick and Easy Forecasting with Dynamic Budgets 6.9.2020.mp4

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