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Analytical Accounting Made Easy

Jan 25, 2018


Learn how to easily setup AA, process AA transactions and print financial reports with AA detail…

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Excel Refreshable Reports - Create Your Own!

Aug 29, 2018


How to create Excel Refreshable reports and alter the out-of-the-box excel refreshable reports…

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    Every year, thousands of conversations take place in the GPUG online communities, at chapter meetings, in virtual programming and at GPUG conferences and events. We are honored to recognize your GPUG community ...


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    User Group Summit North America

    October 13-18, 2019
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    Power Platform World Tour

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Intracompany functionality

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Functional Currency

Focus Search - Functional Currency

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MRP functionality

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Functional vs Originating Difference

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Functional vs Natural Accounting

Focus Search - Functional vs Natural Accounting

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Changing Functional Currency

Focus Search - Changing Functional Currency

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