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New to GP: Basic Transaction Flow

May 2018


Join us as we review a basic understanding of where and how transactions flow together within Dynamics Great Plains. This session will...

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New to GP: Smartlist Tips & Tricks

April 27, 2018


Learn how to be more efficient with some simple Smartlist Tips & Tricks...

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How to Ace Security Management with Dynamics GP


How to Ace Budgeting with Dynamics GP

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GPUG Extracurriculars Summit Track Preview Part 2 (Sept 2019)

Presented by @Cassandra Munson Presented by @Stephanie Tortorici Presented by @Sandy Righi Presented by @Janet Robertson Presented by @Diane Cooper Presented by @Lynne Lucic Presented by @Cassie Ivey New for GPUG Summit 2019 are ‘track previews’. During these virtual sessions we...

2019-09-06 10.02 GPUG Extracurriculars Summit Track Preview Part 2.mp4

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