Titletown, USA, February 18th Online meeting: GP vs BC!!

When:  Feb 18, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (CT)

We're putting together a dual-themed Microsoft Teams meeting for our first GPUG meeting of 2021 on February 18th.

We've gathered together a veritable herd of GPUG All Stars and Microsoft MVPs to talk to you about GP and Business Central (BC). Microsoft is making a big push to gain acceptance for BC, which has a following in Europe and is gaining ground in the U. S. We hope to have a good discussion of several things:

  1. What does BC give you versus GP?
  2. What's involved with switching if that's what you decide?
  3. Why should you stay with GP instead of switching?
  4. What about all the customizations and GP add-ons?
  5. What's this I hear about BC being in the cloud?

Here are some of the GPUG All Stars, MVPs, and all-around experts we've managed to scare up from their work-from-home lairs to be with us on February 18th beginning at 9:00 AM Central Time.

  1. GPUG All Star Jo deRuiter, to talk about the difference in BC's look and feel: lookups, navigation, and personalization
  2. David Laster, author of Management Reporter for MS Dynamics GP, will talk about GP to BC Migration, ideas to cut down the learning curve, and things to be aware of if you switch
  3. Microsoft MVP and GPUG All Star Belinda Allen, to talk about building small customizations with the Power Platform
  4. GPUG All Star Béat Bucher will offer his take on making the switch
  5. GPUG All Star Amber Bell
  6. Our own John Kirsch
  7. Microsoft MVP and GPUG All Star Shawn Dorward on BC implementation, accounting, and ongoing use
  8. GPUG All Star Zubin Gidwani
  9. Wipfli Account Manager Priten Patel
  10. Microsoft MVP and GPUG All Star David Musgrave
  11. Our own Barb Bell of Wiplfi in Green Bay

Just click the  Register now  button over to the right to reserve your ... well, it ain't a "seat," exactly, but we do get credit for each person that registers. No charge, as always, and you may register as many people from your company as you wish!

We'll "see" you at 9:00 AM on Thursday, February 18th!


Online Instructions:
Url: http://tinyurl.com/yykfr6md
Login: Click the tinyurl link above a couple minutes before 9:00 on Feb. 18th to be taken to the Microsoft Teams site. If you have Teams installed on your system, just allow the web site to open your desktop Teams. If you don't have Teams installed, you may use the web site to join meeting.
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Steve Erbach