Professional Certificate Programs


Professional training programs to expand your knowledge and skills.

GPUG Academy Certificate Programs provide the opportunity to expand not only your GP knowledge, but also your knowledge of supporting tools, technologies, and processes.

Certificate Programs

GPUG Academy is proud to offer members four professional certificate programs using Microsoft Dynamics® GP. Click on a Certificate Program below to explore the program in more detail.



Why should YOU enroll in a professional certificate program?


Each Certificate is designed to give you:

  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics® GP and supporting tools
  • clear differentiation from your peers
  • A recognized affirmation of competence and expertise
  • The opportunity to earn CPE credits
  • comprehensive yet customizable training plan

How the Programs Work


Each certificate program participant will need to complete 2 Core Classes, select and complete 2 Elective Classes, and perform 1 Community Support Activity. 




There are no prerequisites to enroll in a Certificate Program; however, 1-2 years experience with Dynamics GP is recommended.

Get started by enrolling in a program today, and then start registering for classes


Need help convincing your boss? 


Your completion of a Certificate Program has tangible benefits for your manager and organization, including:

  • Opportunities for increased revenue and decreased costs
  • Improved data entry, quality, and use
  • "Big picture" thinking about your organization and its functions
  • More empowered, satisfied team members
  • A quality, focused training program for experienced and new employees

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Professional Certificate Classes


The GPUG Academy courses that make up the Certificate Programs are available to GPUG Members at 50% OFF EACH CLASS REGISTRATION. Join GPUG today to enjoy the savings!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Why would I pursue a GPUG Professional Certificate? 

The GPUG Professional Certificate is a unique program for you to advance yourself and your career, and help you feel more confident in your role.  Completing the program will provide you with: 

  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics® GP and supporting tools
  • A comprehensive training plan that goes beyond just learning the software
  • Actionable best practices from industry experts
  • A clear differentiation from your peers & recognized affirmation of competence and expertise
  • The opportunity to earn CPE credits


Your manager will benefit from your deeper knowledge of how Dynamics GP supports your organization.  Benefits he/she will appreciate include:


  • Opportunities for increased revenue & decreased costs by improved data entry, quality, and use
  • "Big picture" thinking about your organization and its functions
  • More empowered, satisfied team members
  • A quality, focused training program for experienced and new employees 


2.   What are the prerequisites?

There are no formal prerequisites for the GPUG Professional Certificate Program, however, the program participant will realize greater benefit and value with at least 1-2 years of experience using Dynamics GP.


3.  Community Support Activity

To reinforce your learning, help you grow in your leadership, or just share your new-found knowledge with your teammates, you will complete one of the following activities (or feel free to suggest your own). This is known as the Community Support Activity:


  • Lead or co-lead a presentation, on-line or in-person – We will be glad to discuss with you the format and content, just let us know you’re interested in helping.
  • Post a GPUG blog on a topic of your choice
  • Post or Reply to a GPUG discussion
  • Lead / Co-lead a GPUG Regional Chapter – Support an existing Regional Chapter or start a new one in your area.  You’ll have a great time getting together in-person with your fellow GP users.
  • Write a GPUG magazine article – Share your valuable GP knowledge and help out others like you. We’ll work with you on the content and format.
  • Lead a training session for your teammates – Pass on what you’ve learned from the program classes to your team. Pick a topic or 2 from your classes, and hold a training class at your organization. When done, send us your training outline, and let us know how it went.


4.   In what order do I need to take classes?

Classes may be taken in any order, to further match your schedule and specific situation.


5.   What if I’ve already taken one of the classes in the program?

Congratulations, because you’re that much closer to being awarded GPUG Professional Certificate!  If you’ve taken the class in the past year, we will provide retroactive credit for the class. Just send us your proof of completion and we’ll check it off the list.


6.   Can the same class count towards two certificate programs?

You bet – if the same class is listed for multiple professional certificate programs you can take it once and it will count towards completing multiple programs.


7.   How do I register for a class?

To register for the GPUG Academy classes, you may check the upcoming schedule of online, instructor-led classes at Most classes are also offered at the GPUG Summit, our annual user conference.


8.   How do I document completion of a class? 

Be sure that you have notified the Academy team you are interested in a GPUG Professional Certificate by going to  Then fill out the very short form on the right side of that page to indicate which certificate you are interested in. 

If you’ve taken a GPUG Academy class, whether online or in-person, we’ll have a record of your attendance in our membership database.   We will send out a periodic report card to keep you up to date with your progress. 


9. What travel is involved? 

As little or as much as you’d like! With today’s budget and time restrictions, we’ve designed the program to be completed entirely online if you choose. If you learn better with in-person classes, these are also available for many of the classes.


10. How does this differ from the Microsoft certifications? 

Microsoft offers a well-respected certification for the Microsoft Dynamics GP that focuses on in-depth product knowledge.  The GPUG Professional Certificate is intended to be a complimentary certificate of completion and contribution program focused specifically on Dynamics GP professionals that wish to enhance their practical knowledge of Dynamics GP.  The GPUG Professional Certificate encompasses not only system knowledge, but the other technical and functional knowledge to support a well-rounded team member.


11. Do I have to be a member of GPUG to pursue the Professional Certificate? 

 In order to register for the program and track your progress, you will need to create a profile on the GPUG site. You can create a free profile (GPUG Subscriber) with limited access to GPUG. Those interested in more robust benefits, including a 50% discount on each Academy course you register for, should consider GPUG Member access which includes annual dues. You can find out more information about membership and access at