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  • 1.  W-2 Dissemination

    Posted Jan 26, 2023 10:18 AM

    Quick question for the GPUG community...

    Like a lot of organizations, we are in the process of distributing 2022 W-2s to employees.  For years, we have gone to Office Depot and picked up a packet of W-2s with their various copies (i.e., A, B, C, and D).  One of our pain points has always been formatting the W-2s that we print to screen to fit the pre-printed forms from Office Depot.  It's usually very close, but can take some tedious work.  And even then, each separate pre-printed form form can be slightly different which means you have to adjust the print formatting for each separate copy (i.e., A, B, C, & D).  In short, this is tedious and annoying.

    For the first time this year, we tried the "Form Type" called "1-Wide Forms with Box", which I understand was an upgrade to GP from a couple of versions back (Note: We are using GP version 18.5.1596).  It printed so easily and nicely formatted without adjustment.  Unfortunately, this year, I didn't test that option until after I had spent a good bit of time struggling with getting the formatting to fit the Office Depot pre-printed W-2s.

    So, I guess my question is this...Have other organizations abandoned the practice of purchasing W-2 stock from the office supply stores completely, as a result of GP now offering the "1-Wide Forms with Box"?  Is simply printing that form with the boxes from GP sufficient for providing employees with their W-2?

    We transitioned to reporting W-2 information electronically to our State and the Federal Government a couple of years ago, so we not longer have the need to mail in the "Copy A" forms with the red ink.  So, I'm thinking we might make life a little simpler on ourselves if we just stick with printing multiple copies of the "1-Wide Forms with Box" in the future for each employee, instead of bothering with purchasing the stock from the office supply store and spending time on getting the formatting just right. 

    On a separate note, we also started using an online HRIS this year (BambooHR) and now have the ability to post an electronic pdf of each employee's W-2 to their profile, which is a nice improvement.  That led us down the path of questioning whether a hard copy is even necessary.  From my research this morning, it appears that a hard copy is not required, but in order to only provide the W-2 electronically, employees must provide consent.  Maybe that's a goal for next year.

    Ashton Blocker
    Joint Municipal Water and Sewer Commission

  • 2.  RE: W-2 Dissemination

    Posted Jan 27, 2023 09:57 AM
    I have done it all ways over my career:
    1. While working for a smaller company, I purchased W2s, went through the alignment procedure, and printed/distributed/mailed.
    2. At a larger company, we still processed in-house but used Greenshades to distribute stubs and W2s.
    3. With my current employer, we outsource to ADP, and they print/distribute W2s to our employees
    If I were you, I would look to see what BambooHR can offer for direct mail to employees.  Another option I haven't used for W2s, but I use for 1099s, is

    John Buchman
    Rio Marine

  • 3.  RE: W-2 Dissemination

    Posted Jan 30, 2023 10:34 AM
    We have been using the GP employee forms for a few years now-one of the best new feature implementation in GP ever!  Because we were so small we continued buying just the red social security copy and printing them (agreed, this is very tedious!!).  This year we finally switched to filing electronically with social security, so we didn't have to purchase forms at all!!

    Nancy Edwards
    Director of Operations
    H&W Computer Systems, Inc
    Boise ID

  • 4.  RE: W-2 Dissemination

    Posted Jan 31, 2023 10:55 AM
    We do use the GP forms, for as forms are needed ones.  But we also use Check Factory, to print.  There is no alignment, and it allows us to print 2 W-2's per page, instead of one, like the GP form does.  I purchased blank W-2 forms, that are split in half, so we can tear apart easily, for distribution.  (We print our checks on 

    Also, we use Dynamics Employee Self Service, so once I have finalized the W-2's, I can publish to the ESS, and employees can print their own W-2's as needed.  We require all our employees to have direct deposit, so we don't distribute payroll checks, either.  

    Pamela Stephenson
    Director of Accounting and Finance
    Ashley Ward, Inc.
    Mason OH

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