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  • 1.  Sales Batches

    Posted 14 days ago

    after posting our batches we are noticing that our batches are still hanging out there.   When we go into our batch thats still handing out there and change the type to order there will be a couple out there that look like they haven't been invoiced but when going all the way into the order number there is a invoice attached to that order and when i go to my email sent i can see that it did in fact get sent.   We are not understanding why these orders are still hanging on. Can anyone help us?  


    Sales transaction entry

    Bring up the batch id on the right hand side

    Change the type/type id to order

    Click the magnified glass on the document no

    Click order it will bring up that order

    Click the blue arrow next to the document no notes and it will bring up the invoice.

    Thank you 

    Nicole Ricci
    Sure Controls Inc.
    Greenville WI

  • 2.  RE: Sales Batches

    Posted 12 days ago
    Hi Nicole.

    Could it be that not all item lines where transferred to the invoice?  If the order shows up without errors in the Sales Transaction Entry window, then review the order lines and make sure that all lines transferred properly to invoices.  Unfulfilled lines will not transfer to invoice (there is nothing to bill in those cases). You can see the detailed quantities (quantity to invoice, quantity fulfilled) in the invoice lines.

    Barring a posting issue, I would think this is what is happening.

    Hope it helps!

    Thomas Garcia
    ICON Business Consulting, LLC | Miami FL
    ICON, SRL | Santiago, Dominican Republic

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