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  • 1.  Purchasing Receipt Batch IDs

    Posted 30 days ago
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    We've come across an issue with our WMS that no one here has been able to figure out and I'm hoping someone else may have the answer.  Our warehouse receives items in from our POs (each receipt is a container of product we receive) through a WMS which is then exported into GP.  When they are exported, sometimes the Batch ID is the same (see attachment) even though they are done at different time intervals.  I have no idea how this Batch ID is created or why 2 containers would have the same ID.  I only want to receive in one receipt number at a time but because the Batch ID is the same, it doesn't allow me to do that.  Does anyone have experience with this?  Or know how these Batch ID's are created or a way to change the Batch ID so I may receive/post only 1 receipt at a time?  Thank you!

    Michelle Baumann
    Accounts Payable Specialist
    Maxwood Furniture
    Mt Pleasant SC

  • 2.  RE: Purchasing Receipt Batch IDs

    Posted 26 days ago
    @Michelle Baumann
    You would need to look at how these are being imported into GP.  Whatever program is doing the importing is probably set to create the batch id based on some criteria.  Looks like date plus 3 trailing characters that are likely supposed to increment.  But you would need to figure out how your importing program is finding those last 3 characters and updating them.  Not much help but we need to know how it gets into GP to really troubleshoot it.

    Windi Epperson
    Customer Support Manager
    Njevity, Inc
    Norman OK
    720-870-9700 x104

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