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    Posted Aug 17, 2022 07:01 PM
    We're required to do audits periodically of our manufactured goods, and currently we use GP (obviously) but not the manufacturing module. While serial/lot traceback contains the information we want, it isn't really aggregated into what we need. 

    For example, we start with a specific lot of a raw material, which is made into a number of different bulk batches, which then are used to produced finished goods and their many kits/sub-assemblies, and then thousands of sales. 

    The expanding/collapsing view of "Produced from the serial/lot" works, but once it gets into more granular detail we have to run misc. reports to combine the data (like a mass balance) into a readable page. What would be the best report for us to run?

    joe ricards
    Seven Oaks Ranch
    Ventura CA

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