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  • 1.  invoices to one customer are paid by another

    Posted Aug 02, 2022 06:42 PM
    I think i know the answer to this (either void and rebook payment, or move balance with debit/credit memo) but i was hoping some of the brilliant folks on here may have a better solution.

    We have invoices for sales opportunities booked under one customer, but the payment may come from someone else. Unfortunately, we don't get enough information from the bank to know where these payments should be applied at the time of receipt. normally i'd say we should just merge the payor with the invoiced customer and call it a day, but this payor may submit payments for several different opportunities under different customers.

    We want to book our cash receipts in a timely manner, so we can't really wait to post once it's been fully identified. We also don't want to lose the visibility into who is actually making these payments, so even if we could wait, i'm not sure we would want to completely sidestep the payor's AR data.

    Are there any other methods to accomplish something like this?

    I was thinking about National Accounts, but i've never really used that functionality. We often don't know this payor is covering other customers until both sides of the transaction have been posted. Does it even work that way, where you can pass activity down from parent to child? or is it vice versa?

    Thanks for your help!



    Mike Bresnan
    Arabella Advisors
    Washington MD

  • 2.  RE: invoices to one customer are paid by another

    Posted Aug 03, 2022 07:15 AM
    Hi Mike -  take a look at the National Accounts Feature in GP.  It allows you to set up a parent customer and assign child customers.  The parent customer then can pay invoices on behalf of the child accounts.  Child accounts can also then pay their invoices.

    Good Luck!

    Kristin Crass
    The Worth Company
    Stevens Point WI

  • 3.  RE: invoices to one customer are paid by another

    Posted Aug 03, 2022 08:09 AM
    National accounts is worth a look as long as there is always a one-to-one relationship between child and parent.  We have a similar issue where a law firm or other 3rd party may pay an invoice that was billed under a different customer id, but in our world that 3rd party may also pay bills for other customers who are associated with different parent/national accounts.  We ended up using Extender from eOne to add a field to track the actual payer id but record the payment under the customer id the invoice was issued for.  Hopefully someone has a better solution.

    Jim Harris
    Director of Information Systems
    ExamWorks, Inc.
    Atlanta GA

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