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  • 1.  Fun with Power BI and the GP What's New Features

    Posted Jul 22, 2022 05:12 PM

    Hello GPUG!   I've spoken with a number of people over the past couple of years about a fun Power BI report I was writing for free distribution to the GP user community.  Happy to report It is finally available!

    This project started in collaboration with the amazing @Abra Gilman as just a spreadsheet showing all of the new features in Dynamics GP, by version, topic, windows, and other categories.  I then took the time to analyze the spreadsheet using Power BI, and created some useful reference and exploratory dashboards on top of the data. 

    My team has this GP What's New (GPWN) dashboard posted in our internal Teams channel, so we can always (and very quickly) look up an answer about a new GP feature for customers looking at going through an upgrade. 

    We use this as part of our training and also give it to them as part of the UAT phase so they can get used to both the new features AND Power BI!

    Once the 18.5 update list comes out this fall, I will add of the updates and features to the data source and have a new version available – again for free download.    

    You don't need to own a license to get this report, download Power BI Desktop, or view what's inside.  It is all totally free.  And fun. Trust me.

    To help anyone interested in checking these out I recorded 2 really short videos and parked them on the web page that show you exactly how it can be used. 

    The features described in the Power BI report link directly to where the official GIT repository and documentation is published.

    I would appreciate any feedback from people in the community that pick up on using this unique report.

    Stay well everyone, and **please get registered for GPUG Summit*** in Orlando this October!  I am looking forward to meeting more users there, in-person, and presenting on a variety of other great ways you can utilize Power BI with Dynamics GP as well as other topics!  Maybe this dashboard will come in handy on GPUG Trivia nite? Long live #MSDYNGP ​#GPUG #PowerBI​​​

    David Laster
    Director | Software Solutions

  • 2.  RE: Fun with Power BI and the GP What's New Features

    Posted Jul 25, 2022 01:22 AM

    Thanks to @David Laster, ​@Abra Gilman and everyone else who helped on this.

    I am sure the community will appreciate this great resource.



    David Musgrave MVP, GPUG All-Star

    Managing Director
    Winthrop Development Consultants

    Perth, Western Australia

  • 3.  RE: Fun with Power BI and the GP What's New Features

    Posted Jul 26, 2022 10:24 AM
    Thanks @David Laster and @Abra Gilman for putting this together, I just filled out the form and downloaded my copy.  I am excited that this report will be kept up to date and GP 18.5 info will be in the new version of this report in the coming months.

    Great work, and thanks for your contribution to the GP Community!​  I can see where this will be very helpful for upgrade planning.

    Brian Lambertz
    Business Analyst
    Connexus Energy
    Ramsey MN

  • 4.  RE: Fun with Power BI and the GP What's New Features

    Posted Jul 27, 2022 09:21 PM
    GPUG - all I can say is WOW!!! I am truly blown away by how many people have gotten ahold of this file over the past few business days.  Thanks so much!!   I hope it adds some level of value in unforeseen ways for you and / or your GP team.

    And thank you @David Musgrave and @Brian Lambertz for your early endorsements - I'm sure that helped a lot :)  I know @Amber Bell had some suggestions for me as well after reviewing an earlier release and I look forward to catching up with her on those and implementing them for the 18.5 update of the report.

    Just so everyone following this thread knows - I am trying to follow up with each person ​​​to make sure the download comes through OK.  Sometimes the message that comes thru with the download link can get caught up in your Spam filter, so check that if you don't see it come through right away.

    Now, if only I could compile the list of GP bug fixes over the various versions and apply similar Power BI analytics, I'd be in 7th heaven....anyone have this by chance? :)

    Happy Analyzing!​

    David Laster
    Director | Software Solutions
    Peabody MA

  • 5.  RE: Fun with Power BI and the GP What's New Features

    Posted Jul 28, 2022 10:12 AM
    Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you all in October.

    Janice Phelps
    Director, Professional Services
    Blue Moon Industries
    Providence RI

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