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Dyn GP 2018 R2 18.5.1596 (2022) Smart List and General Reports

  • 1.  Dyn GP 2018 R2 18.5.1596 (2022) Smart List and General Reports

    Posted 15 days ago

    Hi All:

    Just a question on recent upgrades

    Regarding the SmartList that comes with Dynamics.  We have been a Dyn GP user since 2004 (we were a Great Plains user since 1987 and upgraded to the Dynamics platform in 2004).    We have been upgrading with the program as it has gone along, but I am not sure if, when we upgrade to each new version (2010, 2013, 2015, 2018) if we also got automatic additions of any new reports and smartlist reports.

    For example, in smartlist, I can not find where we can access a Pricelist of our Inventory Items. Is there supposed to be a smartlist of our price list?

    As mentioned, we seem to still have only the same smartlist that we had back as far as I can remember.  We do modify them for our own purposes, but there seems to be information (like a price list) that you would think would be in the smartlist, that isn't there.

    Your input is appreciated.

    Clay Tait
    Tait Distributors
    Edmonton AB

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