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  • Hey Fellow So Cal GPUG Chapter Members! We are so sorry to have been so quiet these past few gets busy, you know! I am going to be attending and presenting at GPUG Summit the week of October 13th and hope to see many of you there! ...

  • Hi All, There is always interest on this topic and there is an upcoming event for training on how to use power bi. You start from scratch and have a manual which walks you through creating a dashboard and report. Later you get to use your own data to ...

  • Hi All! If you're planning on going, book your rooms now! They have a bad habit of being sold out and then you have to get a room at a hotel at least 2 miles away and shuttle to the conference like someone who has time for that non-sense. ...

  • What a fantastic turnout for our March meeting once again fellow Irvine Chapter members!  Thanks for making the effort to come to these in-person meetings and continue to build our community.  Saad did a wonderful job at coordinating and posting the meeting ...

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    2019 Meeting Dates

    Hi All! Hopefully everyone saw the upcoming meeting notice on March 20th! We meet from 10am to 2pm (give or take) and lunch is included. Here is our schedule of dates for the entire year: 03/20/19 Wednesday 06/19/19 Wednesday 09/18/19 Wednesday ...

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    New GPUG LA Chapter!

    Hello Irvine Chapter Members! You now have 2 local chapter meetings to attend!  In addition to this wonderful Chapter community, we also have a new Los Angeles, CA group!  Please click " Join " at the top of their community page to stay informed ...

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    Collaborate with GPUG members in the Southern California (SoCal) Irvine/Orange County area! Plan meeting agendas, share meeting presentations, notes and files, and discuss topics relevant to your Chapter. Be sure to bookmark for quick & easy access to our community!

    GPUG Irvine/Orange County Chapter Leaders:

    Richard Ward Vice President- Controller IPD, Storm Industries, Inc.
    Saad Abbas Director of Accounting, McCain, Inc. 
    Abra Gilman Existing Customer Manager, Marketing/Consulting, Collins Computing, Inc.

Please let us know how it went and how we can make future meetings even better. Complete a quick meeting survey today.


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