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  • Please respond here if you are planning to attend Summit.  This is so you know to look for a few friendly faces and to help coordinate some activities as interest develops! Attending:  Blair Christensen (I'm also presenting) ------------------------------ ...

  • A couple of announcements: 1)  We will not be having an August Chapter Meeting.   Kerry and I couldn't locate facilities or come up with practical plans for an outside BBQ like we had hoped.  If you are willing to host our November meeting, however, ...

  • Sure! I think that could be useful for our team. Thank you very much. ------------------------------ Nicole McLouth Finance Manager Wildhorse Resort & Casino Pendleton OR ------------------------------

  • I understand.  That's a lot of travel! Most of our presenters do so remotely.  Would you be interested in receiving links to attend the presentations?  We don't generally do the entire meeting but you would at least be able to see the information. ------------------------------ ...

  • Thank you for responding. Unfortunately I don't think I can justify 3+ hours of driving each way for a 2 hour meeting. Please let me know if you ever do any type of virtual connection for these meetings. ------------------------------ Nicole McLouth ...

  • We'd love to have you! We normally begin our meetings at 11:00 am and go 'til 1:00 pm.  Meetings include lunch (provided by GPUG).  Our next meeting is scheduled for August 15th.  We're still settling on a location at this point - we're debating between ...

  • Hello,    I work for Wildhorse Resort and Casino in Pendleton OR. I'm interested in attending an upcoming chapter meeting. I've been to a few in the Portland Chapter but never Boise. Do you have a date set for the next meeting and will there be an agenda? ...

  • Hello Nancy, According to their website, they do: ​ Jean ------------------------------ Jean Hill Network Engineer H&W Computer Systems, Inc Boise ID ------------------------------

  • Q2 Meeting on Thursday!

    If you haven't already, please sign up and attend our Q2 meeting - coming up this Thursday!  Oppenheimer Co will be hosting in downtown Boise (parking is provided with validation under the building) and we look forward to presentations from Rockton Software as well as Centerprism.  We'll also be planning our summer barbecue, so please come contribute your ideas!
  • Welcome!

    Collaborate with user group participants in and around Boise, ID! Network with others in our area, plan local meetings, share meeting presentations, notes and files, and discuss topics relevant to our local community. Be sure to bookmark for quick & easy access to our group!

    GPUG Boise Chapter Leaders: 
    Kerry Draper Business Analyst, Taos Mountain, Inc.
    Blair Christensen  DBA/EDI Administrator, Oppenheimer Company

Please let us know how it went and how we can make future meetings even better. Complete a quick meeting survey today. 

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