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  • Hello all! We'll be sending out details shortly for the upcoming Q3 meeting. You will not be disappointed with the session line-up or the location! Block your schedules now for Wednesday, September 26th! Stay tuned for a formal schedule from @Tiffany ...

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    RE: GPUG AllStars!

    Hi @Aleiha Hanson ! How Exciting!!!!    It has not failed to be noticed that both you and @Steve Erbach are two of the best chapter leaders in the country! Congrats on being "nominated" I, too, and very honored to be among the ranks of those nominated ...

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    GPUG AllStars!

    Good Morning! @Bob McAdam opened voting up yesterday afternoon for this year's nominees for GPUG All Star! Bob's BloGPipes - All Star Voting Please take two minutes to vote for one user and one partner. There are some of your fellow Wisconsinites ...

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    RE: Dinner @ Summit

    Excellent idea! Have a dinner with our Wisconsin friends away from the hurly-burly of the vendor parties! I'll certainly help with the Green Bay members! Sincerely, ------------------------------ "Sparkly" Steve Erbach - QMS Manager and Business Development ...

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    Dinner @ Summit

    Good Morning, I hope everyone is getting pumped about Summit! We are finalizing plans for our Q3 meeting as well and hope to see everyone there AND in Phoenix! At Summit, there will not be a dinner with peers coordinated by GPUG this year. In lieu of ...

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    Community Interviews

    To those of you attending Summit or still pondering on whether to go or not, check this out! Have a wonderful weekend! ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: Winner Winner!!

    I freaking love this chapter! Congrats guys. Can't wait to brainstorm how best to use this for our group. ------------------------------ Tiffany Ziegler Vice President & Controller Velcor Leasing Corporation Madison WI ----------------------------- ...

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    RE: Winner Winner!!

    Congratulations to Milwaukee Chapter!!    @Aleiha Hanson and @Tiffany Ziegler work very hard!   And, Congrats to "Runner Up" Green Bay and @Steve Erbach ​​​ ------------------------------ Kindest Regards, Jo deRuiter , MCP, DCP "That GP Red Head" ...

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    RE: Winner Winner!!

    @Aleiha Hanson  and @Tiffany Ziegler , Nice to see the award back in Wisconsin! You'll remember that Wisconsin won the inaugural award two years ago, too!​​ Sincerely, ------------------------------ "Sparkly" Steve Erbach - QMS Manager and Business ...

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    Winner Winner!!

    Congratulations to our Milwaukee Chapter! Thank you for putting up with all our posts last month encouraging everyone to attend Summit! All of our posts and reasons why we attend Summit have paid off. Our Milwaukee Chapter had 29 entries (29 attendees ...

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    Collaborate with GPUG members in the Milwaukee area! Plan meeting agendas, share meeting presentations, notes and files, and discuss topics relevant to your Chapter.
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    GPUG Milwaukee Chapter Leaders:

    Aleiha Hanson IT Manager, Royal Basket Trucks, Inc
    Tiffany Ziegler Vice President & Controller, Finance, Velcor Leasing Corporation
    Steve Erbach Business Analyst, Information Technology, GLC Minerals, LLC

Please let us know how it went and how we can make future meetings even better. Complete a quick meeting survey today. 


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  • Well, despite some technical difficulties (thanks to those attendance for your patience and understanding as we get the hang of this webinar thing!), we ...

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