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  • Steve,  we look forward to seeing you...  -Danny ------------------------------ Danny Clemenson Business Analyst Progressive Components Wauconda IL ------------------------------

  • @Katie Graves , So, does it count as "stalking" if I actually register? Because I just did. I'll be descending upon you at 8:00 on the 14th. Sincerely,​ ------------------------------ "Sparkly" Steve Erbach - QMS Manager and Business Development Analyst ...

  • Stop stalking your neighbors @Steve Erbach !   :) We would love to have you join, it will be chuck full of great info!​ ------------------------------ Katie Graves Accounting Manager Illinois Credit Union System GPUG Chicago Chapter Leader ----- ...

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  • @Katie Graves , I'm seriously considering joining you for your Q3 meeting because your agenda is so appealing! Looks like the educational sessions will be around 45 minutes each, yes? Going to check with the boss to see if I can make the journey to ...

  • The session schedule for 2018 Summit has been published, just in time to check it out before the early bird pricing ends on Thursday 06/28 Check out the schedule here: Summit Sessions Register Here, and don't forget the code BESTSUMMITEVER for an ...

  • Bumping this up in case anyone is looking for the Summit coupon code mentioned in the meeting ------------------------------ Katie Graves Accounting Manager Illinois Credit Union System Naperville IL ------------------------------

  • Katie, Thank you for posting the meeting presentations and notes. If you have any suggestions for the September meeting content please let us know. FYI... We will be having Jeff Hintz come in and talk more in depth about Power BI and how to connect ...

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    Q2 Meeting Documents

    Q2 Meeting Documents have been posted in the library ------------------------------ Katie Graves Accounting Manager Illinois Credit Union System Naperville IL ------------------------------

  • I would recommend to restore the backup to a temporary DB and selectively restore/insert the records deleted to the GL20000 to restore the beginning balances. Doing a full restore may be impossible if they have already entered other transactions in ...

  • Yikes! I never went into the summary screen that way before, it is scary that it even has the delete option. I'm not sure if there is a way to fix besides restoring from the back up.  I would suggesting posting on the open forum also just in case someone ...

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