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GPUG Development Summit Track Preview (Sept 2019) 

Sep 10, 2019 05:40 PM

Presented by @David Musgrave
Presented by @Steve Endow
Presented by @Mariano Gomez Bent
Presented by @Matthew Arp
Presented by @Bruce Strom

New for GPUG Summit 2019 are ‘track previews’. During these virtual sessions we will feature the community members who will be presenting at GPUG Summit in Orlando. They will give you a high-level overview of their presentation and what you can expect if you attend.

In some cases there will be multiple track preview sessions, based on the number of sessions contained within each track. Tracks with multiple sessions will be indicated in the title of the webinar.

Registered for GPUG Summit? Use these preview sessions to help you schedule out your time.

Not registered for GPUG Summit? Attend these preview sessions to give you an idea of what you could benefit from by doing so.

While these are scheduled for an hour in length, we will most likely not use the entire time for the presentation. This will leave us plenty of room for your GPUG Summit questions!

Track Preview:

Sessions Previewed:
1. Microsoft Dynamics GP development - Choosing the Right Tools for the Right Job
2. Advanced Visual Studio Tools Development with .NET Reflection
3. Ask us anything about Microsoft Dynamics GP Development
4. Building GP Integrations with .NET
5. Useful Beginning Dexterity Projects

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