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  • 1.  Q1 2020 Meeting Recap

    Posted Mar 07, 2020 01:02 AM

    Sorry for the delay! I'm sure many have been waiting on the edge of their seats for this. :-)

    We had a great Q1 meeting! We had about 25 people in attendance, plus a few on the phone. Not bad for Q1! Thank you to all who came out. We also had several join virtually. We plan to continue to offer the virtual option. The virtual option is better than missing all of the meeting content, but you do miss out on the networking, so we encourage you to come when you can.

    We started with lunch and networking. We had some delicious Mexican food courtesy of GPUG. After lunch we did introductions and got the meeting started sharing our favorite GP tips and tricks. Attendee's favorite tips and tricks included using shortcuts, Smartlist, SSRS and Excel Reports.

    After we went through introductions, we were introduced to our presenter, @Belinda Allen! I believe @Zubin Gidwani did a great job introducing her as the Queen of Power BI or something along those lines. If you are a GPUGer who has attended Summit and have interest in Power BI, you probably know who she is. Talk about smart and talented! She knows GP and now is transitioning more to focusing on Power BI. Belinda prepared an awesome presentation for us. She used Power BI and Power Apps, and Flow to automate and improve the GP A/P approval process. Belinda used Power BI to analyze the A/P batches all kinds of ways. She then walked up through building an app that allows users to actually approve the batch in Power Apps and it approves the batch in GP! Magic! Check out the full video in the library. It was super technical, so if you are into that kind of stuff, you should definitely check it out! Belinda also provided her Power Point and other tools to help us recreate these awesome tools. Check out these resources in our library. Another cool bonus tip Belinda shared was the Flic button. It is a button that you could connect to a bunch of different things. Belinda gave the example of having the button to do a backup. We also found out Belinda hopes to use her Flic with her dog, she would like to train her dog to hit the button on the floor and connect to her Echos and Alexa will make an announcement throughout the house. Pretty cool! We might need to check back in with her and see how that goes.

    After a quick break - Belinda showed us some cool Power BI tips and tricks. Check out the video in the library. Great stuff! Thank you Belinda!

    Then we did some group troubleshooting. It was a great little session with @Zubin Gidwani and there as our experts. Thanks so much to both of them for consistently coming and supporting our chapter!

    Last, we discussed future meeting planning. We plan to have our Q2 meeting in mid to late June and we are hoping to take this show on the road! We have a few leads on some fun GP venues that are within Northern California. Keep this in mind as you plan your summer travels.

    Thanks to our great chapter!


    Stephanie Valencia
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