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  • 1.  Chapter Meeting Update

    Posted Aug 13, 2020 02:22 PM
    Orlando GPUG team,

    You should have received a message that our August meeting was cancelled; another disappointment in a long line of disappointments. While we have weathered COVID19, Locusts, Hurricanes and Murder Hornets, I'm looking for an opportunity for some small semblance of normalcy. With that in mind, we've made arrangements to host an actual GPUG chapter meeting, live and in person, during the month of September. We will host the meeting at OneBlood, which provides a space with adequate room for social distancing, robust cleaning protocols and as side note, is leading the COVID19 Convalescent Plasma drive. Face masks will be required.

    About the facemasks, it's a perfect opportunity for a competition. Wear your most original/insane mask.  Winners will be voted on!

    Expect a new meeting notice shortly, and as always, please register to assist with seating and meal planning.

    Thank you from your Orlando GPUG Chapter Leadership

    Jason Zonts
    Business Applications Manager
    Oneblood, Inc
    Orlando FL
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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