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1.  SOP Multiples copies same document

Posted 05-19-2017 02:36 PM

We need to do 4 copies (Laser) of the same SOP documents, but each one need to have a distinctive like "Customer Copy", "File", "Accountant".  Please, give me an alternative.

Jose Gonzalez
Project Manager

2.  RE: SOP Multiples copies same document

Posted 05-19-2017 03:51 PM
1. You could use pre-printed collated paper.
2. It would be tricky to get this to work, but you could use a calculated field that changes it's display value based on the number of times the invoice has been printed. The field is TIMESPRT, but most people print the invoice to the screen just so they can look at it. That preview counts as a time printed.
3. The other thing you might do is copy your Invoice format to other available reports (like the SOP Blank invoice and the SOP Other Invoice) and include on the invoice layout the word you want.
4. You could use Modifier/VBA to set the value of a local field that you add to the window and then use a calculated field to check the value of that field. Your report would have a calculated field that, depending on the value of that local field, would change the text displayed.
5. Instead of trying it to change the text dynamically, you could use a field and change the number before you print. Report Writer would read that number and print the appropriate text. You'd need to print the invoices one by one, but you could control what is printed on the bottom. Say: "CC" means Customer Copy; "F" means File; "A" means accountant, and so on. You could also use numbers.
There's a more elegant way to do this using Dexterity, but I didn't consider those programming options. Hopefully, someone will have a cool way to solve this.
Kind regards,

Leslie Vail
Accounting Systems Consulting, Inc.
Dallas TX

3.  RE: SOP Multiples copies same document

Posted 05-22-2017 06:01 AM
Hi Jose,

If you're ok with a 3rd party add-on for Dynamics GP, our product GP Reports Viewer can do this for you.

You would create 4 versions of the report in either SSRS or Crystal Reports, each with the right title at the top, then set them all up to replace whichever SOP document/format you want. When you go to print the report in GP, all 4 versions will print, one after the other.

Victoria Yudin
Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP 2005-2017
Flexible Solutions, Inc.

4.  RE: SOP Multiples copies same document

Posted 05-22-2017 08:59 AM
Hi Jose,

We use Liaison Messenger to print multiple copies of invoices, and route each to a specific recipient(s).  It has some great features that should be able to accomplish what you'd like to do.  Out of the box the printing is done through the Liaison UI, but we've added some custom dexterity code which enables users to select if they want to print through the normally through GP or use Liaison.  You would need to setup the forms within Liaison.


David Stonesifer
Business Intelligence Manager
BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc.
Hoffman Estates IL