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1.  Return To Vendor

Posted 10-12-2017 12:09 PM
Can anyone explain to me the data flow of Return To Vendor processing?

Karsten Johnson
IT Systems Admin
MAC'S, Inc.
Moorhead MN

2.  RE: Return To Vendor

Posted 10-13-2017 10:04 AM

I have some information I used to send to customers asking about RTVs. This may help you in determining the flow of an RTV. Other modules are used based on the type of RTV. If you are looking for specific tables, can you clarify which RTV type you are interested in.

The flow really depends on what type of RTV you are creating. With an RTV, you are the customer returning equipment to the vendor. There are four types of RTVs.


  1. Cross-ship
  2. Replacement
  3. Repair
  4. Credit


Main tables for RTVs

SVC05600  - header

SVC05601 - line


The rest of the table depend on the RTV Type.

Cross-ship RTV

Vendor sends you a replacement item and then you return the original back to the vendor. This process creates a purchase order for the new item and a credit memo to apply to the invoice created from the PO.


Here is the flow:


  1. Create a Cross Ship RTV
  2. Create a PO from the RTV by expanding the line and clicking the Return Path icon. Click Create PO.
  3. Receive and invoice the PO.
  4. Click Ready button in RTV Entry
  5. Ship the RTV from RTV Shipping - click Post to create the credit voucher. The credit memo will be applied to the invoice created from the PO.
  6. Close the RTV from RTV Closing

Replacement RTV

You send an item to the vendor and they are sending you a replacement.


  1. Create the RTV using Replace type.
  2. Click Ready button in RTV Entry.
  3. Ship RTV - this creates the PO and Credit Voucher
  4. Receive and invoice the PO when new item is received.
  5. Apply invoice and credit voucher to each other.
  6. Close RTV from RTV Closing

Repair and Replace

If this will be fixed in house, you will use an inventory transfer to move it so it is not used or sold. This is useful when you have items but you need to fix it before you sell it or use it at a customer site.


  1. Create the RTV using Repair type.
  2. Expand the line and click the link icon in the Return Path field.
  3. Click Transfer to create the inventory transfer.
  4. Click Ship
  5. Use RTV Shipping to ship RTV - this moves it to the via site (internal or sending to vendor)
  6. When it is returned from the vendor use RTV Receiving to receive it back in to the appropriate site.
  7. Close the RTV.


*Steps are a bit different when the item is customer owned.

Credit RTV

Sending the item back to the vendor for a credit.


  1. Create RTV using Credit type.
  2. Ship it to the vendor using RTV shipping - this creates a AP credit.
  3. Close the RTV using RTV closing



Hope this helps!

Rhonda Sutliff
Product Specialist
Rockton Software
Fargo ND