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1.  Simple Customer List with Addresses

Posted 5 days ago

I need a simple list that lists all our customers of a specific customer IDMore specifically, we want a list that only shows our current customers of this ID, as the all-time list is far too long to print.

Keep in mind that I'm extremely new to reporting with GP, so assume I know next to nothing with regards to reporting in GP.


Andrew Schroeder
Communitas Supportive Care Society

2.  RE: Simple Customer List with Addresses

Posted 3 days ago
I believe you mean that you want a list of all "addresses" of a specific customer ID, right ?

initially, you may take into consideration that there are several address IDs on the customer card. which includes:
  • The primary address
  • Ship to address
  • Bill to address
  • Statement to address

One of the easy way for reporting such information is the "customer addresses" report, which can be printed from :

  • Go to Reports > Sales > Setup.
  • From the drop down list, choose customer address
  • You may filter by a specific customer or list of customers based on a specific criteria such as customer class.

Please feel free to share any further inquiries or concerns,

Mahmood M. AlSaadi - MVP
Principal Dynamics ERP Consultant
SIROCo LLC - (844) 708-0008
McKinney TX