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1.  Merging Accounts

Posted 7 days ago


My company is trying to clean up many accounts that were somehow created. We have two accounts for one name and we need to merge them together. This list is VERY long! Is there any way I can merge more than one account at the time? 

Can I have an account name go to one destination and another account  name go to a different destination and process at the same time?

My concern is that all accounts under Source Customer Name will go to the first account under Destination Customer Name?

Not sure if I am making sense. Currently we are looking at having to merge about 600 accounts (that means doing this process 300 times). I want to know if I can possibly narrow it down to hitting the "process" button less than 300 times. 

A merge may take me up to 20 minutes (for just merging 2 accounts)

Thank you so much! Any help will be appreciated :)

Marlen Zamacona
EMS Safety Services, Inc.
San Clemente CA

Best Answer
2.  RE: Merging Accounts

Posted 6 days ago
@Marlen Zamacona

Sure, you can easily do this by importing a CSV file.  Check out the help file for more information but generally, you create a CSV file with two columns:  first column would contain CURRENT customer ID - second column would contain the DESTINATION customer ID.  Include as many rows as you need - maybe try it for just two or three at first until you get the 'hang' of it and then process the remaining customers.

This import functionality helps cut down on the efforts needed by adding them manually.

Be sure to have a backup of your company database prior to processing and have everyone out of the system, just to be safe!

I hope that helps!

Shawn Dorward
Twitter: @ShawnMDorward
Implementation Consultant
InterDyn Artis

3.  RE: Merging Accounts

Posted 6 days ago
@Shawn Dorward

Hi Shawn,

Thank you so much for your help!
That saved me weeks worth of work to a day or so.
I appreciate it!

-Marlen Zamacona

Marlen Zamacona
EMS Safety Services, Inc.
San Clemente CA