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A meeting report from Tweets

  • 1.  A meeting report from Tweets

    Posted 6 days ago
    Dear Indianapolis GPUGgers,

    I tend to relate my experiences at GPUG meetings via Twitter; so I'm going to copy my recent tweets about your excellent May 14th meeting here:

    • May 13th 11:30 pm:
      Made it to the Waterfront Hotel in Indianapolis on the first leg of my #GPUG 
      "Grand Tour". Taking in the Chapter meeting at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway tomorrow morning at 8:00. Presenting the Member Showcase for my IN brethren and sistern... er... um... I mean "sisters!"
    • May 14th: 

      Kymberly Shoulders (Solutions Engineer for ImageTag) presenting at the ⁦GPUG Indianapolis Chapter at the Speedway. The Indy cars practicing provide an almost constant hum/buzz/growl.

    • 31 in attendance for the GPUG Indianapolis Chapter meeting today. Kymberly Shoulders of ImageTag presenting KwikTag. Kymberly's been working with GP for a couple o' decades, and quite a few companies represented at the meeting were her customers.

    • Mark Polino presenting on GP security at the GPUG Indianapolis Chapter meeting. I said that he had an addiction to Mountain Dew. He quipped, "It isn't an addiction if you don't want to quit, is it?"

    • Mark Polino explaining what various types of fraud are and what he's seen in his career. "Please do NOT treat this presentation as a fraud How-To!"

    • And a selfie of me, @Mark Polino, and the Indianapolis GPUG Chapter members.

    ​What one comes to Indy for! Watching practice runs on TV while the cars are going around the track right behind you!

    Well, I DID get a bit of the practice lap action at the ⁦Indianapolis Motor Speedway. These guys are traveling at 225 mph! It takes them just 40 SECONDS to round the 2.5 mile track. This link is to the 8 second video I posted on Twitter (

    My thanks to @Denise Drury, @Sherri Lester, @Jasper Rozinski, and everyone else in Indianapolis. There were actually people from several states at the meeting, not just me.

    And the lunch was excellent! Much appreciated!


    "Sparkly" Steve Erbach - Green Bay, WI
    Co-Chair, GPUG WI (Green Bay) Chapter

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