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    Posted Sep 28, 2019 10:23 AM
    Edited by Stephanie Valencia Sep 28, 2019 10:37 AM
    Thanks to all who came out for the Q3 meeting! I'd say it was our best meeting yet. I feel a trend... Every meeting is just getting better and better! Which is awesome! So if you've been watching these posts from the sidelines and wondering if you should attend... the best is yet to come! If you came to the first meeting and weren't sure this was worth your time, give us another shot to wow you.

    A special thank you to California Earthquake Authority - @Anthony Tassone and @Trudi Miller for setting up the space for the meeting and providing snacks. Another special thank you to our presenters @Peri Silkwood and @Marlena Stark! And last but surely not least - thanks @Zubin Gidwani for helping with meeting ideas, being my default backup plan for presenters and always sharing great perspective with the group!

    Now for the recap!

    We started the meeting with introductions. We went around the room and shared our earthquake experiences in addition to a few other GP/GPUG related items. That was really interesting hearing everyone's earthquake stories. Also, so many of our group are going to Summit! You should definitely use this board to coordinate a Sac/SF meetup at some point during Summit. AND if anyone learns anything that they would like to bring back to the group and share, let me know and we will get you on the next agenda.

    After introductions we heard from @Peri Silkwood from Altec who discussed workflows in GP as well as in Altec's product DocLink. ​​​​​​We learned about the many different workflows available in GP and DocLink. There was some discussion about a new account workflow, that I personally am going to look into. Have you ever had a P&L account added as a balance sheet account? I have! What a pain if you discover that after the year-end close! Which we've also discussed at another chapter meeting how to handle that. So this workflow would add another level of oversight to the new account addition process. Great idea!

    We then started the lunch conversations which were planned to be trouble shooting. As a large group we asked for people's GP issues and pain points. We settled on an admin group, an automation group and a Management Reporter group. I was having an issue with a specific MR report that was calculating a percentage change and just coming up with crazy numbers. The MR group helped me fix that over lunch. I lived with the report like that for 2 years! It wasn't that big of a problem, but now my report is perfect! Another company had an MR issue with a nightly scheduled report that didn't show the accurate run date on the report. I believe the solution was to use Report Viewer rather than Web Viewer. The admin group was going to discuss security rolls and setting up new users. And the automation group, just gather more information and share what everyone is doing now.  I don't have as much info on what those groups discussed so you all are welcome to share in the comments below.

    We had Mendocino Farms for lunch which is super delicious. I mean it wasn't Sierra Nevada Brewery, but it was great. Thank you to GPUG and the Chapter Sponsors for that!

    After lunch - the long awaited presentation from @Marlena Stark who was pressured to present mostly by @Zubin Gidwani and was positively encouraged by me. :-) I don't think we can thank Marlena enough! She came all the way from Chicago! It was great to have our presenters live and on site. Marlena is a GP Partner and consultant with DexPro. She came to share her wisdom, she sees client after client not using and knowing what they have. Marlena shared best practices on upgrading, reporting, and so much more. She had a slide with all of the modules listed and she highlighted the modules that she sees most clients not using. She reviewed the highlighted features that were released/added in the last several versions. I will be posting her slides. Check them out and change your GP life! ​​​

    Last we encouraged everyone to complete the meeting survey - if you were with us - do that! I love your feedback! We solicited ideas for future meetings and meeting locations. If you have ideas - comment below, leave them in a meeting survey or reach out to me directly. We have been interested in getting a GP winery to host. If you know of any let us know. I know that there are a lot of local wineries using GP. Our meetings are averaging 20 to 30 people so we need a pretty big space. We are looking at mid-December for our next meeting - so clear your calendars.

    We also took a group photo - excited to get that posted along with the Power Points from the day.

    Thanks again for making this meeting great to all of those that attended!

    Note I'm having issues with tagging people. I've edited this post about 5 times. If it looks like a name is missing. Sorry! Technical difficulties! They keep disappearing!

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