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Nov. 19 GPUG Green Bay meeting: EXCEL and GP PAIN RELIEF!

  • 1.  Nov. 19 GPUG Green Bay meeting: EXCEL and GP PAIN RELIEF!

    Posted 12 days ago

    Excel Life Hacks and GP Pain Relief!

    Everybody loves Excel, right? If you've ever seen Shawn Dorward do an Excel presentation you know that he's one of the most engaging and entertaining Excel gurus anywhere. Shawn presented at our March 2019 meeting and he's back for this Thursday's GPUG Green Bay meeting (via Microsoft Teams), beginning at 9:00.

    If you've already registered, then let your co-workers who use Excel (that's everybody!) know that they'll learn something new when Shawn makes his presentation, I guarantee it!

    If you haven't registered, well all you have to do is click the  Register Now  button on the registration page! Piece o' cake!

    (By the way, you'll see Shawn's picture there but it looks kind of like something from an old color TV. Shawn will explain why it looks like that as one of the Excel features he'll talk about!)

    I'll make a brief presentation on a simple way to connect to your GP SQL data in a refreshable Excel report as long as you've got proper permissions from your GP and SQL Admins. It's quite a bit simpler that using Power Query or Excel Query... and it's a tiny Excel workbook which we'll post in our library after the meeting.

    Green Bay Chapter Co-Chair Pam Hall works for the Terry Naturally company. One of their company's promotional slogans is, "Got Pain?" We though that was perfect for a GP meeting because, like, it's initials are "GP"! She and I and John Kirsch of Global Optics will lead a free-form discussion of common and not-so-common GP pain points and how to get relief from them. This session will be made so much better if you join in and ask about something that bothers you in GP... or if you have a solution to somebody else's pain point! That's the beauty of the GP User Group: users helping users.

    So join us beginning at 9:00 on Thursday, Nov. 19th. The Microsoft Teams link is on the registration page, where you just have to click the Register Now  button to register!

    Thank you for registering and we'll see you online this Thursday!


    "Sparkly" Steve Erbach - Green Bay, WI
    Co-Chair, GPUG WI (Green Bay) Chapter

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