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SmartConnect and AA

  • 1.  SmartConnect and AA

    Posted Jun 17, 2015 10:48 PM
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    HI I am currently trying to build a bank transaction template for a company with AA and I have run in to the following error

    Procedure or function 'taAnalyticsDistribution' expects parameter '@I_vDOCNMBR', which was not supplied.

    I have been unable to find a template that deals with an AA company and as I am still relatively new to GP and SmartConnect I find most of the solutions a little confusing.

    Could someone please suggest a simple solution to this error?


    Kate Sexstone
    Financial Systems Administrator
    Cash Converters Pty Ltd
    Perth WA

  • 2.  RE: SmartConnect and AA

    Posted Jun 18, 2015 08:09 AM

    HI Kate,

    Have you tried to post your question to the SmartConnect forum at eOne's web site ? your chances to get a quick answer are much better there :-), since it's entirely dedicated to SC.

    Beat Bucher
    Business Analyst, Dynamics GP MVP
    Ultra-Electronics Forensic Technology Inc.
    Montreal QC/Canada

  • 3.  RE: SmartConnect and AA

    Posted Jun 18, 2015 09:01 PM

    Hi Kate

    I was going to suggest using the open forum as there are many more people on that forum and the chance of finding someone who knows the answer is much higher.

    I have never used SmartConnect, so I can't assist with that aspect.

    What number are you providing for the document number? It should match the document number that you are providing for the bank transaction. Usually with AA eConnect integrations you must specify the number as it cannot work with just obtaining the next number automatically.

    Hope this helps.


    David Musgrave
    Managing Director
    Winthrop Development Consultants
    Perth, Western Australia

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