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Macro to populate GLs in Item Card

  • 1.  Macro to populate GLs in Item Card

    Posted Nov 19, 2020 04:36 PM

    I was wondering if it's possible to use a macro to mass populate the item Account maintenance window with GLs? I've tried but I run into the issue where it never creates a to TypeTo field line of code.

    In the code there are 4 segements that get created similar to the one below

    MoveTo field 'Account Number Array':'Account_Segment_Pool2'[1]
    I've tried a few different ways but it seems like these fields react differently then others to having data copied to them



    Karl Solski
    MIP Inc.
    Anjou QC
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 2.  RE: Macro to populate GLs in Item Card

    Posted Nov 19, 2020 05:14 PM
    Hi Karl,
    I was able to accomplish a similar objective in Sales using a sql script - is that an option for you?


    George Kuntz, MSc
    Calgary Canada

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 3.  RE: Macro to populate GLs in Item Card

    Posted Dec 06, 2020 03:08 PM
    Hi Karl,
    Kind of late to this question.. sorry if you already resolved it.
    Are those existing GL accounts or new ones to add to GP ? there are multiple ways of adding GL accounts to GP, and I'd not do thru a backdoor in SQL, as it's a little risky, since you bypass business logic that is likely to perform a lot more than just adding rows into the GL00100 table.. Not knowing what George's solution is likely, I can't speak for it.
    Example, you could use tools like Intergration Manager or SmartConnect, but if you don't own those products, the macro is probably the best way to do it.
    There are many ways to run macro files in GP, either by using the Word mail-merge function, or use an Excel macro generator, like John Arnold presented at Summit (and for which there are many webinars recorded in GPUG's library.
    Use the search tool here on GPUG and look for Excel Macro generator.. That should return a few good links.

    Beat Bucher
    Business Analyst, Dynamics GP SME
    Montreal QC/Canada
    Montreal QC GPUG Chapter Leader
    MBS MVP (2015-2018)
    All-Star 2013

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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