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Why I attend Summit!! Early Bird Ends Today!

  • 1.  Why I attend Summit!! Early Bird Ends Today!

    Posted Jun 28, 2018 10:23 AM
    Today is the last day for Early Bird Registrations for GPUG Summit so I thought I would take a quick minute and share why I attend GPUG Summit!  If you are on the fence, today's the last day to save up to $400 off of registration!! 

    Why I attend Summit

    GPUG Summit is sure to be packed with excellent content and tons of networking opportunities! Content and Networking.. that's reason enough to join everyone this fall in Phoenix Arizona, but my #1 reason for attending GPUG Summit...

    Content, Networking, connecting and reconnecting with members of the community, learning new techniques, hearing about upcoming development, seeing old and new friends... YES PLEASE!!  The atmosphere at GPUG Summit is electric and my excitement grows more and more each day of the conference!!!

    Excitement?  Yes, that's right, excitement!!  The event is my annual RECHARGE!!!  We all take vacations to recharge ourselves and GPUG Summit is like a professional vacation (Shhh, don't tell your boss) - it gives us the opportunity to learn new things, solves problems/challenges that we have had plaguing us throughout the previous year... and hear about the future... all while networking and having a great time!!! RECHARGE BABY!!!

    I leave every year motivated and recharged and it carries me through the year making sure that I get the most out of every nook and cranny of GP!!!

    Come join me!  I will be speaking at several sessions but there are so many too choose from!! The agenda and most sessions are published!  More will be added but check it out and save your $400!!!

    Register here today and save up to $400:
    Register for Summit - GPUG Summit

    What about you?  Have you been to summit?  Why do you attend?  Share below and help 'energize' others and I'll see you in Phoenix this fall!

    If you are wondering... yes, I do take REAL vacations too :)  I am writing this from the beach.  I am a geek but not that much of a geek that I can't enjoy some good down time! :)

    Come see me in Phoenix!!!

    Shawn Dorward
    Dynamics GP Practice Lead
    Microsoft MVP, Business Solutions
    Twitter: @ShawnMDorward
    InterDyn Artis

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