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  • 1.  Q1 Meeting Follow Up

    Posted Mar 08, 2017 10:53 AM
    Great Meeting:

    Today we covered Security for GP Related Products and Navigation Lists!  Check out the library to get those slide decks.

    Also, someone asked me how I changed my toolbar font size, here is the link to a blog that gave me the help I needed!
    Fix Dynamics GP scaling and font size issues on high DPI displays
    Use at your own risk but it does work :)

    Also, Shannon talked about 'opting out' of business Analyzer across the board in GP for Navigation Lists - here is a script to get the job done.  It will do it for any new navigation lists as well.

    Replace 'Dynamics' with your system database - which is likely Dynamics as that is the default. 

    Use Dynamics

    update DYNAMICS..SY07225 set FactBoxVisible = 0

    dbo.Update_SY07225_FactBoxVisible ON dbo.SY07225 AFTER INSERT
    Update SY07225 SET FactBoxVisible = 0

    Shawn Dorward
    Twitter: @ShawnMDorward
    Implementation Consultant
    InterDyn Artis
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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