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Changing Item Class in bulk

  • 1.  Changing Item Class in bulk

    Posted 4 days ago
    I'm experimenting with trying to combine some items.  In order to do that of course, I have to change the Decimal Quantity so they match.  As there are about 2800 original items (5 digit part numbers) which currently all have the same Item Class as their counterparts (6 digit part numbers), my thought was to try to use one of the bulk filters (Class ID) on the Change Decimal Places utility.  I created a new class and assigned a couple of items to the new Item Class, but I noticed that I also got prompted for a couple of other changes.  As there are so many items, I'd like to change these on the back end on the item card so I can run the UoM utility, but I know that backend changes in SQL are generally frowned on.  As the end state of these items is to be combined and eliminated entirely, is this method going to cause problems?

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