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Intercompany Bridge from Binary Stream

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    Posted Feb 05, 2019 12:03 PM
    ​Just curious if anyone else is experiencing the number of issues that we are with the Intercompany Bridge from Binary Stream. We implemented MEM and the Bridge in June of last year going from 500 company databases to just 8. While we had our challenges along the way, things have been much more efficient for us with fewer companies. We were able to apply the YE update and complete year end closing in record time. However, after posting several prior period adjustments with the Bridge, we noticed several issues. It has come to our attention that the Bridge does not correctly post prior period adjustments nor does it accurately void payable transactions for GP 2015 R2. While the Bridge product is listed as fully functional as of GP 2015 R2 per the Binary Stream website, we are in the middle of cleaning up quite the mess because we were not told that these problems existed. I just wondered if anyone else is feeling our pain, and I wanted to make sure others knew that there are some significant issues with this product if you are using GP 2015 R2.

    Vicki Hillary
    RDV Corporation
    Grand Rapids MI

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