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MO Scheduling - Work Center capacity

  • 1.  MO Scheduling - Work Center capacity

    Posted Jan 29, 2020 10:16 AM
    In my testing, I've found that the "schedule MO" function (MO Entry) looks at the work center shift hours, not the effective capacity hours, when deciding operation start/end dates.

    Ex:  Let's only deal with labor time.  Say the routing for an item has one operation using work center WC1.  WC1 is defined as having 8 hours per shift, one shift per day.  Effective capacity (labor) is 16 hours (as we have two employees assigned to the work center).  The routing calls for 1.00000 hours of labor time.  The MO is for 16 pieces.  My testing shows that the system will schedule WC1 for 2 days and capacity inquiry will show that the work center is at 50% of capacity.

    My goal would be to have the system understand that the work center had 16 hours of capacity and schedule just one day in the work center.  This would allow me to "flex" the number of people assigned to the work center week to week, sometimes having 8 hours of effective capacity, other times having 24 hours per day of effective capacity.  While I can do that in a CPR view, I can't get GP to schedule the MO properly.  I keep thinking I must be missing some scheduling flag.......

    What's your experience been in dealing with work centers that vary effective capacity this way.

    Al Schuette
    Senior Business Consultant
    Heartland Business Systems
    Little chute WI
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  • 2.  RE: MO Scheduling - Work Center capacity

    Posted Jan 30, 2020 10:44 AM
    Hi Al,

    I've played with this a little and see the  same results. I suggest reaching out to Manufacturing Resource Partners. Contact is Don Kapuscinski.  They may be able to help.


    Keith Paul
    VP Business Management Systems
    UNICOM Engineering, Inc.
    Plano TX

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  • 3.  RE: MO Scheduling - Work Center capacity

    Posted Jan 30, 2020 08:15 PM

    Hi Al,

    Unfortunately GP does not schedule the way you need.  The Cycle / Queue / Move time are considered calendar time, not touch time and consume the work centers open hours regardless of capacity.


    As you've probably noticed, you could put the calendar time in your Cycle / Queue / Move time fields, use the Labor Time as the man hours and create something in SSRS as a custom report for capacity/work center scheduling.


    If you want something that truly looks at capacity constraints, you will need to explore an external scheduling tool like Preactor.



    Best Regards,

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