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Current cost incorrect when Receipt posted

  • 1.  Current cost incorrect when Receipt posted

    Posted 23 days ago
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    I have a case where I received 3 parts in on the same receipt and PO but when the receipt posted the current cost in the item master was not for the correct amount.

    In this scenario, the receipts have the incorrect value in the OLDCUCST column in the POP10500 table with the ORCPTCOST and OSTDCOST in the same table with the correct values.

    The normal Receipt/Match process worked as expected but when posted the current cost was updated with the values showing in the OLDCUCST column in the POP10500 table.

    When the receipt is posted what value and from where actually updates the CURRCOST in the IV00101 table for the item?

    Just trying to figure out what is happening how, when and where.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

    I have attached a spreadsheet of the PO and receipt values from the POP10500 table.


    Jeff Roe
    Kele Inc
    Bartlett TN


  • 2.  RE: Current cost incorrect when Receipt posted

    Posted 23 days ago
    Hi @Jeff Roe

    Shipment/Receipts will not update the cost, only the Shipment/Invoice - Purchasing Invoice - when posted - will update the current cost of the item with the Unit cost of the item from the invoice.

    If its not updating, then you might want to make sure the item on the POP Invoices is NOT set to "non-inventory".​



  • 3.  RE: Current cost incorrect when Receipt posted

    Posted 22 days ago
    Hi Jeff.

    Costing is one of those sometimes obscure things with any ERP when you consider all of the possibilities with costing methods, transaction types, multiple sites and bins, possible cost adjustments and so on.

    There is a document that I find most useful in our downloads section on our website: MDGP Inventory Costing

    Hope it helps!

    Thomas Garcia
    ICON Business Consulting, LLC | Miami FL
    ICON, SRL | Santiago, Dominican Republic

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