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Security-Restrict Access to Apply Sales Documents functionality

  • 1.  Security-Restrict Access to Apply Sales Documents functionality

    Posted Jul 02, 2019 11:18 AM
    Is there a way to provide a group of employees access to enter EFT cash receipts while removing the functionality to apply payment documents to a customer's account?

    In my test environment I've create a test version of the  GP delivered AR_Clerk Role and then I've remove access to the TRX_SALES_016* (Apply Sales Documents) but the user ID assigned to this role can still see and use the Apply Sales Documents from the menu, Enter Customer Cash Receipts (TRX_Sales_013*) and Enter Receivables Transaction (TRX_Sales_015*) windows.  If I remove the access to the all three windows TRX_Sales_013, 15 and 16 then the user can not see or use the Apply Sales Documents but they also can not enter EFT cash receipts.
    Does anyone know of a way around this?   

    Laurie Millington
    Boyer & Associates
    Plymouth MN

  • 2.  RE: Security-Restrict Access to Apply Sales Documents functionality

    Posted Jul 03, 2019 01:47 AM
    Hi @Laurie Millington

    You will need to duplicate the tasks and roles used and modify the duplicated tasks and roles to deny access to the resources you don't want included.


    Use Deny Based Security in GP Power Tools to selectively deny the desired windows from users and companies without having to duplicate anything.

    GP Power Tools adds the missing deny access feature to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Windows security has grant and deny, SQL Server security has grant and deny and now GP Security has grant and deny.

    Review the benefits presentation so you can see why every GP customer globally should have GP Power Tools:



    David Musgrave MVP, GPUG All-Star

    Managing Director
    Winthrop Development Consultants

    Perth, Western Australia


  • 3.  RE: Security-Restrict Access to Apply Sales Documents functionality

    Posted Jul 05, 2019 03:47 PM
      |   view attached

    An example would be to make a copy of the TRX_SALES_013 task and give it your own name like  *MY_TRX_SALES_013.

    Then uncheck the ability to Apply Sales Documents like the attached screenshot, along with any other functions you don't want them to have.

    Mark LeRette
    Application System Analyst II
    Muscatine Power and Water
    Muscatine IA


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