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Account Maintenance/Account Setup

  • 1.  Account Maintenance/Account Setup

    Posted 06-12-2018 11:47 AM
    Does anyone have a form that they use for Requests to setup new accounts?

    Kathie Fairchild

  • 2.  RE: Account Maintenance/Account Setup

    Posted 06-13-2018 09:42 AM
    @Kathie Fairchild:

    We don't use a particular form for our requests. Our requests are informal and processed through email so the proper staff can easily approve the request. It also makes it easier to notify multiple staff members when there is a new account added or changed.


    Joni Finnell [Designation]
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    Newark OH

  • 3.  RE: Account Maintenance/Account Setup

    Posted 06-13-2018 10:01 AM
    Hi @Kathie Fairchild

    @Joni Finnell has given a great suggestion.

    To add to any suggestions you may receive on this, and though I realize most of you are not yet on this version, I wanted to remind you guys that in GP 2018 there is a New GL Account Number workflow - meaning the system can be set so that users can fill out the GL Account Number form in GP and then submit the proposed new account for approval.

    This could cut down on frustration and the time it takes to fill out and track a requisition for the new account.

    Here is an article by @Derek Albaugh on the very subject.

    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 General Ledger Account Workflow Approval - Microsoft Dynamics GP Community
    Dynamics remove preview
    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 General Ledger Account Workflow Approval - Microsoft Dynamics GP Community
    In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, we have a new workflow, General Ledger Account Approval which provides an approval process for adding or editing posting accounts. If an account is pending approval or...
    View this on Dynamics >

    Kindest Regards,

    Jo deRuiter
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  • 4.  RE: Account Maintenance/Account Setup

    Posted 06-14-2018 04:54 AM
    I literally just created a Google Form yesterday that captures a request, whether it's create, modify, or delete.  Of course, we're still currently on 2010, so I am really looking forward to seeing how the New GL Account Workflow functions in 2018.

    Leah Nolan
    Great Plains Administrator
    XO Group, Inc
    Austin TX

  • 5.  RE: Account Maintenance/Account Setup

    Posted 06-14-2018 04:56 PM
    Edited by Kyle Malone 06-14-2018 04:56 PM
    Our group created a form in SharePoint that has workflows built behind it.  Once the request has obtained the necessary approvals, the account auto-creates using SmartConnect.

    If GP were the only ERP system, we would have likely used the Workflow built in GP (as others have mentioned) on the account maintenance window as it would've assisted w/ updates and deletions as well.

    Happy to elaborate further, just let me know.

    Kyle Malone, CPA
    Dynamics GP Administrator
    CGB Enterprises, Inc.
    Covington, LA

  • 6.  RE: Account Maintenance/Account Setup

    Posted 06-17-2018 12:35 AM


    There are many fields on the Account Maintenance window that are typically ignored but should not be. I'll share my suggestions for the fields that are typically overlooked.
    Account Alias: This can be described as a 'nickname' for your account. Depending on your accunt format, you may be able to speed up data entry using nicknames.
    Allow account entry: This checkbox defaults to checked. I think that all of your control accounts should not be allowed direct account entry. If the account is a default account the transaction will process just fine. but you can't use it as a manually entered account. Because they are supposed to balance, the accounting department needs to be sure they have reconciled those accounts. The accounts that I include in the Control Account list is anything that is updated by a subsidiary ledger. Accounts like accounts receivable/payable, payroll, inventory, fixed assets and the like.
    Typical Balance: This is a tricky one because of how it's worded. You've got to remember that Accumulated Depreciation should be a typical balance of debit because it is a credit balance on the expense side of the balance sheet. You want it to appear as a debit so that you don't have to modify it on your financial reporting software.
    Level of posting from series: This setting will control whether the amount from your batch posts in summary or in detail. The default is Detail. An example of how you would use this is if you wanted the debit side of the transaction to book to a specific expense account, but you wanted to combine the payables side of the transaction. In order for this setting to engage, you need to mark the 'Create a Journal Entry per' on the posting setup window.
    Include in Lookup: You can really save some time by setting up this option. This setting controls which accounts are displayed when you click the account button on your distribution window. For example, if you are entering a vendor invoice, you may want the accounts displayed to be expense accounts and not cash. Your AP personnel will have fewer posting errors and it will be faster.
    I'm hopeful that this will help you when you set up your chart of accounts.
    Live the dream!

    Leslie Vail
    Accounting Systems Consulting, Inc.
    DALLAS TX 972-814-8550