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  • 1.  Required Fields

    Posted Jun 12, 2018 10:34 AM
    Is there a way to make User Defined fields in the account maintenance window required?

    For me it would be State Class and Center Class.

    Kathie Fairchild
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  • 2.  RE: Required Fields

    Posted Jun 12, 2018 10:43 AM
    @Kathie Fairchild

    The one way that I would do it is to modify the window.

    If you are using a shared Modified Forms Dictionary you will need to do this when everyone is out of the system.

    With the window open you can go to Tools > Customize > Current Window.

    Find the area where you enter information for User Defined 1 ​and mark Required to True.
    You can do this with the other user defined fields as well.

    You will then need to change security to use the modified form.

    Acct Maint Modified

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  • 3.  RE: Required Fields

    Posted 25 days ago
    When i change it to false and click off the field and come back on the field it is back to true.  I am in a test company and no one but me is in it.  I trying to make a few fields on my employee maintenance window not required.

    Larry Carrethers
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  • 4.  RE: Required Fields

    Posted 23 days ago
    Hi Larry

    While the Modifier allows you to turn on the Required property for a field, it does NOT allow you to turn off the required field if it was required on the original window.

    Usually fields are required for a reason and allowing them to be saved with not data is likely to break something.

    Please also note that marking a field as required only works if the underlying Dexterity code checks the required() function before saving. If it is hard coded to only check specific fields and does not use the required function (which is bad practice), it will ignore anything you have marked as required.

    Finally: if you use GP Power Tools - Developer Tools you can
    1) use code to change a field from required to not required (but be aware of the possible consequences).
    2) use code to change a field from not required to required without needing a modified window.
    3) use code to validate fields before saving. This could be a simple required (not empty) check or it could be checking specific business rules.



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