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Match invoices posting / landed cost causing GP to crash

  • 1.  Match invoices posting / landed cost causing GP to crash

    Posted 9 days ago
    I am utilizing the landed cost feature in GP by adding it through enter/match invoices.  When this invoice is posted during batch posting, GP would randomly crash about 1% of the time and has to be restarted.  When this happens, the total amount on the matched invoice is posted to the GL accounts, but total isn't distributed to the line items nor is it posted to the line items.

    Looking at the POP10600 table confirms that the status for each line item is 0 so they do not have their cost updated, while the POP30390 shows the distribution to the GL accounts, which causes a reconciliation issue.

      After restarting GP, we can no longer repost the landed cost invoice as it got marked, and unmarking it to repost again puts it into a posted state after with no updates to the items costs.

    Have anyone else ran into this issue?

    Lien Truong

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