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sales order entry

  • 1.  sales order entry

    Posted Sep 06, 2019 02:30 PM
    We've used a custom application, written by our GP partner, for entering sales orders into GP for several years.  It's web-based and it allows non-GP users to enter sales orders, which are then posted in GP.  This technology is outdated and needs to be modified from time to time, so we're looking for an alternative.  We've done demo's with Salespad and it seems to be an adequate solution, but we'd like to explore additional options.

    If anyone can recommend alternatives, similar to Salespad, that would be appreciated.  Any additional functionality could be a bonus, but we'd really just like to start with more basic functionality.   There would be some customization necessary, but the ability for non-GP users to easily enter sales orders is our immediate priority.

    Thanks for your recommendations.

    Jeff Humphreys
    Corporate Controller
    J. Lohr Winery
    San Jose CA
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 2.  RE: sales order entry

    Posted Sep 09, 2019 08:21 AM
    @Jeff Humphreys   I'd suggest taking a look at eOne's SmartConnect.   They have an out of the box template for SOP and Excel, which can be modified as needed.   @Martin Olsen and his team can certainly help you out.


    Michael Gummel
    Prod Engineer
    Paradigm Technology Consulting
    Allentown NJ

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 3.  RE: sales order entry

    Posted Sep 09, 2019 10:19 AM

    Hi @Jeff Humphreys

    What pieces of the SalesPad demo did you like, and what EXACT functionality to you need?  You can legitimately use just an Excel Sheet to import Sales into GP so what else is it that you are looking for?
    Drop downs that look back at GP for inventory numbers and available quanitites?
    Sales Person Names?

    Customer IDs and Names?

    Let us know on this and we can be more specific.​



    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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