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  • 1.  Year End Wage File

    Posted Dec 19, 2021 07:16 PM

    Good Day All!

    I am wondering if there is anything wrong with generating the Year End Wage File early for our tax department? I understand anything done in Tools > Routines for manual edits will be lost, but as a cursory review prior to them making edits, is this possible?

    I'm dealing with a VERY slow DEV instance with limited RAM and generating for 8,000 employees. Would love to use my 64GB of RAM in production but don't want to mess anything up since we still have payrolls to run this year yet.

    Thanks ahead of time all!

    Matt Campana

    Matthew Campana
    The Judge Group
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  • 2.  RE: Year End Wage File

    Posted Dec 20, 2021 09:29 AM
    Hi Matthew,

    I believe you are asking if you can create the year-end wage file and then remove/recreate it.  You certainly can.  There are many that will do this periodically throughout the year or at least when approaching year end.  It does allow you to review and potentially address some issues ahead of time.  You are correct in that if you edit the year-end wage file and then recreate it those manual edits will need to be entered again.  Hope that helps.

    John Kirsch
    GP Product Lead
    Dynamic Consulting
    Green Bay WI

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  • 3.  RE: Year End Wage File

    Posted 30 days ago
    Hi Matt,

    John is correct and I have recreated the year end tables many times, over the years. I would mention that if you need to make any adjustments (address change, etc.) you can make those changes in the Employee master or other areas of your setup. Then the changes will carry through to the year-end data, when you re-create the files. We had an instance where (early in January) we needed to run additional checks for the prior year. So we set the date back to December, loaded the old tax tables, ran the additional checks, then recreated the year end data. Finally, reloading the new year tax rates.

    Good luck,

    Mark Wiley
    Dynamics Credentialed Professional
    Senior Solutions Architect
    Ohio Office

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