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  • 1.  Checkbook ID field

    Posted 22 days ago
    Edited by Aneesah Singleton 22 days ago

    Can someone provide insight on Checkbook ID rules​? I'm looking to find out the relationship/impact between Checkbook ID & payment batches.

    Does payment batch look at vendor ID to determine how an invoice is paid (single batch,etc.)?

    Thanks in advance!
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  • 2.  RE: Checkbook ID field

    Posted 21 days ago
    Edited by Thomas Hill 21 days ago

    I am not a GP expert. But I will share what I understand.  We are on GP2015R2, so higher versions may be different.

    The CheckbookID noted in the Vendor Profile is not used for anything. If you were to note a vendor or group of vendors should be paid by CheckbookID (Owner acct), there is no way to select vendors with a criteria of CheckbookID.

    Most of our vendors show a CheckbookID from 15 years ago.  Vendors are paid by whatever CheckbookID is noted when creating the batch.  There are several options for selecting which vendors are paid for which invoices.  A batch can only issue payments by one type of payment, i.e. paper checks or ACH for instance.

    Now you know everything I know about the process.  I am hopeful later versions have some additional options as we are planning to upgrade after the first of the year. 

    Thomas Hill
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  • 3.  RE: Checkbook ID field

    Posted 21 days ago
    Thanks for the info. Thomas!

    Aneesah Singleton
    US Assure Inc
    Jacksonville FL

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