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  • 1.  October GP Release

    Posted Nov 19, 2020 10:14 AM
    To be fair to the ISV vendors who I was critical of for not being ready when the 18.3 was dropped in October, I would like to brag on them for getting things together before Thanksgiving.

    The last of our eight ISVs came through and released and emailed users yesterday and I can now update next week.  This was a huge improvement from a year ago where the final updates were released near the end of December.

    So that is it, I just wanted to praise eOne, Blue Moon, Nolan, Professional Advantage, Rockton, and Mekorma for getting things together this year in time for us administrators and more praise to True Commerce and Fastpath for letting me know the current releases were already ready for 18.3.

    If you were waiting for the updates there is a great chance that your ISVs are ready, just check.  You will want this update in place early in order to make the necessary changes to your vendors for the new 1099-NEC.

    Jeff Frye
    Systems Analyst
    Hunt Brothers Pizza, LLC
    Nashville TN
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